Style 105 Lo Density Hair Addition Switch Extension 23" L x 3 tier Base


Product Description

STYLE 105 – Finer textured hair switch made for those with softer finer hair of their own; 23" in length; made on a 3-tier elastic loop base; easy to braid; add one to own ponytail to make thicker; makes smaller sized chignons. Look of Love

Look of Love’s Braided Chignon, Style #116, is an elegant pre-braided chignon ready to turn a bad hair day into a beautiful one! Perfect for a wedding, for an elegant new hair style, use a little mousse, comb hair straight back smooth, make a small ponytail at back of head area and cover it with this dome based braided chignon. 

The cup shaped base is large enough to completely cover your own excess hair underneath; can even make short hair of your own look as if it is long!  

This product features a three-section braid hand sewn onto a raised dome base with 1 snap comb clip and 3 wire flex combs for a secure attachment.


    • Made of 100% Kanekalon fibers.
    • Base Size: 3.5″ x 5.25″
    • braids are pre-sewn onto the dome base permanently as pictured.