Style 267H / 16" Human Hair 3/4 Demi-Cap Wig by Look of Love


Product Description


Our hand ventilated 16″ Human Hair, 3/4 Demi-cap (like a wig but without a nape back section). A newly designed 3/4 cap offering unparalleled comfort and naturalness with highest quality handmade construction!  This new 3/4 cap design fits the top, back, and sides of the head but it does not extend over the back nape section like a full wig; therefore, there is no pressure or tight feeling around the head; (see the art drawing of the cap fit below).  The 16” soft European-like Remy quality human hair allows the use of various irons (flat and/or curling); or use Velcro rollers to re-style into any number of desired styles. This hair piece allows you to affix it to your own head of hair with the use of 3 or 4 snap comb clips pre-sewn into the base at strategic points, (or you can use double faced tape at the top area, or switch any of the clips to flex combs.


ABOUT STYLING: While wearing your new demi hair you could have your personal hair stylist custom cut it into any number of desired hair styles. Want more waves and curl? It styles and acts like real human hair because it is! In our photo# 8 at bottom of page you see same style in its original wave pattern; when piece is wet and conditioned it can become wavy, degree of waves can vary!  Our photo’s below show the style in its original hair lengths. For some, trimming shorter around the frontal face area graduating into the longer hair lengths at back can greatly enhance the style into a whole new hair style! Best to have it professionally done by your hair salon.

The cool transparent mono silk top not only offers incredible see-through naturalness, but also allows for greater styling flexibility as the hand tied hairs turn with your comb or brush towards the desired style (especially when you first wet the hair).  Your hair stylist (or yourself) can re-style the hair using hot curling irons, flat irons, or Velcro hair rollers which only human hair can offer you the use of the ultimate in styling tool options!

**You will not be disappointed!!!

Style Specifications:

  • Made using a double layer of soft transparent mono filament silk at the top area.  This offers the most natural appearance for those who are experiencing thinness or hair loss at the top frontal areas of the head; and with the utmost of cool soft comfort to the wearer!.
  • 100% Quality Human Hair
  • Natural Hairline features for undetectable beginnings.
  • Can be worn right up to your own front hairline, or slightly back using a thin line of your own hair.
  • Hair length: Approx. 16″ (40 cm) throughout.
  • Weight: approximately 4.7 oz
  • Base coverage: 9 1/2″ across temple to temple, and 9″ front to back; Demi-Wig Size Cap with pre-designed alteration darts if head size is smaller and need to alter cap to fit various smaller head sizes.
  • Attaches with a series of snap comb clips (flex combs and or tapes can also replace the clips if desired; see our accessory page). Extra clips are provided if you wish to attach extra clips elsewhere in the cap.
  • There are Tape Tab Areas pre-designed within the top mono silk portion for those with severe hair loss.