STYLE# 307-H: FALL / Human 16" Remi hair fall / larger 3/4 demi-cap coverage


Product Description


100% human hair luxurious 16" Remi hair fall, larger 3/4 demi-cap coverage   Look of Love

A newly designed fall 3/4 cap that offers a handmade mesh top area for softer hair distribution around the head. This handmade top area allows you to part it as the hair knots easily turn in the direction you desire the hair to travel, while the human hair wefts of hair at back build into additional volume. This new cap design can be placed just back off the front hair line so your own hair can come up and over the beginning of the base; fits over the top crown area with a remarkable new extension going further down the sides, just above the ears.
The amount of human hair made into this unit is extremely full and luxurious; we added more hair so it can distribute all around the head evenly full! This human hair fall can last for years if carefully taken care of!
100% Human hair allows the use of hot implements such as curling irons, dryers, flat irons and color enhancing products that enables you to create an endless number of hair fashions. Add more curls right where you or flat iron the hairpiece to create a poker straight hair fashion. This human hair fall base cap covers more of the head than our sister style 143-H.


  • 100% Highest Quality Human Hair
  • Perfect for those with shorter finer hair who would love to have longer and fuller head of hair instantly!
  • Hair length: Approx. 16″ (40.6cm) throughout
  • Weight: approx. 5.5 to 6.0 ounces
  • Base coverage: 8″ (20.32cm) side to side, 6.5″ (16.5cm) front to back
  • Attaches with a series of snap comb clips (or can use flex combs if preferred).