Style HBT-4x6H -Integration filler human hair topper 6” long 4.5" wide Base


Product Description

This delightfully light weight Human Hair Topper hairpiece/filler provides a discreet way to add extra fullness, texture, and volume within your own hair! Adds natural looking volume to any thinning areas you wish on the head!  This Topper hairpiece has open spaces within the base, once attached you can actually slide some of your own hair through these spaces in the base to join in with the hair piece hair. This topper hairpiece filler is not too thick and is designed for you to use some of your own hair; you’ll be amazed at the natural soft new appearance it will give your own hair!

Easy to use by simply clipping it into your hair using the two pre-attached snap comb clips; then using a tail comb to pull your own hair through the open spaces in the base. Many people sometimes choose a highlighted hair color that is a slight shade lighter than your own hair to add some extra color highlighting to their own hair!

***ANOTHER GREAT IDEA FOR EXTRA COVERAGE****some professional salons have sewn two piece together to create extra large coverage.

*See our sister Topper style# HBT-Elite-6H for a fully hand ventilated version of this same concept!


  •  Human Hair @  6″ (15.2cm) hair length
  • Base size: 4″ TO 4 N 1/2″  (10.5 cm) side to side with ability to stretch slightly wider; and  2″ (5.1cm) front to back.
  • Weight: 0.7 oz
  • Stretchable HUMAN HAIR base wefts
  • .Attachment: 2 snap comb clips, one on each side, securely hold the piece in place.
  • Curling irons can be used to achieve the look that is just right for you!
  • Only 100% human hair can afford the use of various hot iron and etc. color rinses, perms can be used, however, we recommend that you have such procedures performed by a licensed professional.