Style 221-H- Human Hair Switch 22" length 3-tier base Addition


Product Description

Style 221-H 100% Human Hair Switch @ 22" Hair lengths; 3 tier base construction for easy braiding, elastic loop connection. Make great fashionable chignons!

Look of Love Human Hair Switch

This amazing long 22″ human hair switch of hair is sure to become one of your favorite fashion accessories! Because it’s real human hair, it can be styled straight, curled with waves, even make multiple little braids throughout; can use hot curling irons, flat irons, or set in rollers as only human hair can do!

Our human hair is the finest quality hair with a European-like in texture. Made with a 3-tier base construction design all connected at top with an elastic loop for various attachment features. This hairpiece allows easy braiding, makes beautiful chignons, and 3 tier section makes for perfect 3 section braiding.

If you also look at our style# ‘s 214 and #105, all the features stated in those styles also apply to this style as well.


  • Hair Length: 20″ (51cm) of human hair switch!
  • Attachment: 3-Tier Elastic loop
  • Ships as a hair switch, but is very easy to braid
  • If requested, Look of Love will pre-braid this piece for you before it is shipped
  • light in weight