Style 229 Demi Wig Fall Synthetic Hair Addition 9.5”x10”x 15-18" Long


Product Description

229 - Hair fall-long past shoulder length; wear one way long and straight; wear reversed, and it becomes even longer with soft wavier hair; made of realistic looking kanekalon hair fiber. 

 Look of Love Hair Addition Hair Extension Piece

Look of Love designed this incredible long reversible 3/4 cap demi-fall hair extension, style# 229, made with the most realistic looking hair fiber available, Kanekalon fibers. Wear it one of two ways, one way features a soft all one length style, “flip-it” and shake loose and it instantly has longer layered with of incredible looking waves! Either way the hair lengths are past the shoulders! From shorter hair into long sexy hair in minutes! Definitely can turns heads your way!


  • Hair length: 18″ at Top, 15″ at Nape (when reversed becomes layered with soft “flip” 15″ at top, 18″ at nape).
  • Weight: 9.8 oz
  • Base: 3/4 Fall – Demi Cap 9.5″ x 10″
  • Attachment: series of flex combs inside base
  • Curl pattern: soft wave
  • Made of Kanekalon synthetic fiber.