Style 413- 7"x5.5" Base 7" long Hair Topper HD Synthetic Addition


Product Description

The base design has an exclusive illusion lace front hairline that makes the hair appear as if it is growing out of your own skin. The illusion front then graduates into a transparent hand ventilated monofilament silk portion that continues back to the crown section. Attached to the mono-silk portion is a capless wefted extension which extends around the head in a concave shape to further blend naturally into your own hair from the sides and back (see photo). Need a smaller base size than this topper? it is quite simple to cut off the outer wefted portion that is connected with ribbons around the mono silk base of this hair topper; leaving you witha smaller size base of the mono silk portion with the illusion hair line; plus it will not frey either. Ask us about it and we will send you directions.

The base size is made at 7” (18cm) from front hairline to back of base and approximately 5.5” (14cm) from side to side, and has a concave shape to fit the head comfortably. Note: This is one of very few hairpieces that the hair from the base can actually blend in with your own head of hair. If your hair loss is extreme at the top and you do not want a full wig, then this may be just the right choice for you.

The hair (100% Futura Fiber Blend) is made of a new polyester (not modacrylic) hair fiber known for its natural attributes and easy styling characteristics. Most people are not even aware of this new innovative polyester hair fiber! It is the newest and finest quality fiber duplicating human hair, and it’s less expensive than human hair! (If you are interested in human hair, please see our style #182H and 267H).
Styling Attributes: Many hair stylists “Love” this new hair Topper, as it can be cut and styled within wearer’s own hair with fantastic precision. Your hair stylist will really enjoy working with this hairpiece, at it response so much like your own hair! Features a moderately medium soft wave pattern that easily matches many of today’s trendy longer hairstyles, but can also be re-curled into other curl patterns.

Attachment: There are 4 snap comb hair clips that attach into your own hair at strategic points; Plus, there is an optional transparent Non-Slip Silicone Strip which fits under the illusion front portion of these two styles. Many people who have no hair at the front hairline can use double-faced special “No-Shine” tapes made for illusion lace material.

New Optional Non-Slip silicone Front Strips Available:

This transparent piece of silicone material (as pictured) is designed to fit precisely under the illusion lace front section of this new hairpiece. Its purpose is to provide a better non-slip grip to the head at the front hairline (it is difficult to use a snap comb clip on illusion lace material, as the clip can easily be seen through the transparent material). In most cases, the hairpiece attachment is secure enough and will not need this silicone piece. It is mainly designed for persons with severe hair loss, and/or if irritation to the skin should appear. This silicone strip is designed so it can be simply sewn onto the base using several stitches at both side areas of the strip. If you would like to have one sent to you along with your new purchase of this hairpiece, you must ask for it when placing your order ($12 charge). If you want us to sew it onto your hairpiece for you, then we will add an additional $18, which will include the cost of the silicone strip as well as the service.

Hair Length: 
* Style 413-S-IL is made using approximately 7” (18cm) hair length throughout the base made with Futura Fiber.