Perm Your Human Hair Topper, Toupee or Wig Service


Product Description

Get the perm pattern you want for your hair.
1. Upload your own wavy pattern.
2. Send your wavy sample hair.
3. Select from our wavy pattern.
4. Styling and cleaning service is included in this pricing.
5. Job Processing time: 2-3 weeks / Shipping time is not included.
6. For faster Job Processing time for perming -> add $30.00 for a 1 week job time / not including Shipping time

Please note: 
The standard chemical process used for perming hair does not work on synthetic hair.
Perms break down the proteins in the hair and reform them around a perm rod.
Synthetic hair does not have these proteins and will not be able to change during a perming process.
If you require a perm for your system you will have to order human hair or order a customer order/ pre-permed system that is permed at the factory using a different and more effective process.