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Style 187 S- Bob Page Boy Wig Synthetic Ready to Wear

Style 187 S- Bob Page Boy Wig Synthetic Ready to Wear

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STYLE #187 S Shorter "Bob" page boy hair cut wig style with sweeping bangs, made with furtura synthetic fiber hair.  Look of Love

“THE CLASSIC BOB”, a wig style that offers you the naturalness of an “instant” new hair cut that most people wished their own hair could look like.

The minute you slip it on and brush through the hair, you’ll notice a natural soft feeling to the style as the brush passes through the hair. You can move the part if you like a center, left or right part! If the bangs seem a little too long, trimming a little off will do the trick! A hair stylists could critique this wig style for you as they can re-create some fantastic styling options (such as layering the hair length around the face so ends become wispy, or bring more of the hair into the sweeping bangs. You cannot find a more natural looking wig that has such a great realistic comfortable feeling!

The frontal bang area is 4″ and the top is and sides are 9″  The back has a precision one-length stacked “Bob” effect with a closer nape area, from back to front the line is almost an even flow of hair!  She will not disappoint you! See our photos below to review all the style features of this wig design.


  • Truly, a most well thought out wig design made of one of the newest heat resistant hair fibers made; “FUTURA FIBER BLEND”!
  • Hair Length is 4″ at the bangs, 9” at the top/sides gradually layered down to  2.5” at the back nape.
  • Features a new lightweight cool capless construction with a full hand tied monofilament silk top and an illusion front hairline for impeccable realism.
  • Average Cap Size : Fits 21” (53.3cm) to 22” (55.9cm) head size.
  • Soft Velcro adjustment elastic sizing tabs at nape area.
  • Tape Tab areas at both temples for those who may have severe hair loss and need a more secure attachment. (see our accessory page).
  • An ultra soft nape pad material for extra comfort.
  • NEW! A special Transparent Non-Slip Silicone head band (known as “Quick Sticks) is available which is designed to give a more secure holding power of the wig to your head (see our accessory page).


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