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Look of Love

Style 414 - 7”x 5-1/2” Base x14" Long Hair Topper Mono Top Lace Front

Style 414 - 7”x 5-1/2” Base x14" Long Hair Topper Mono Top Lace Front

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STYLE 414 - Longer hair topper with extra coverage than the average topper . Mono-silk transparent top and natural illusion front hairline.

Look of Love Hair Addition Hair Extension Hair Filler

Larger sized base design has an illusion front hairline that makes the hair appear as if it is growing out of your own skin. The illusion front then graduates into a transparent hand ventilated monofilament silk top portion that continues back to the crown section. A cap less weft extension portion extends around the head in a concave shape to further blend naturally into your own hair from the sides and back (see photo).

The base size is made at 7” (18cm) from front hairline to back of base and approximately 5.5” (14cm) from side to side and has a concave shape to fit the head comfortably. Note: This is one of very few hairpieces that the hair from the base can actually blend in with your own head of hair. If your hair loss is extreme at the top and you do not want a full wig, then this may be just the right choice for you.

The hair: 14"-15″ hair length (100% Futura Fiber Blend) is made of a new polyester hair fiber known for its natural attributes and easy styling characteristics.

Attachment: There are 4 snap comb hair clips that attach into your own hair at strategic points.

New Optional Non-Slip silicone Front Strips Available: (see accessor section on our web site)
This transparent piece of silicone material (as pictured) is designed to fit precisely under the illusion lace front section of this new hairpiece.

Hair Lengths:   Style 414-S-IL is made using approximately 15” (38cm) hair length throughout the base

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