Successful Wig Consult - Synthetic Fiber Wig

Successful Wig Consult - Synthetic Fiber Wig

Here is a client who has a thinning scalp issue. The first thought was a topper - clip it in for coverage.

Although it worked, it didn’t fit the “this is easy to do” - it takes effort.
A wig, however, is effortless. Wigs offer varied benefits at many price points. This particular hairpiece sports a lace front ( so hair appears
To be growing from the scalp) a monofilament crown ( mono top) ( which has the appearance of hair growing out of the scalp) to the sides and back of this cap being hand tied. The combined specifications of this wig make it ultra-light to wear - presents invisible hair piece qualities when worn.

This is a synthetic fiber wig with varied highlights to also have the appearance of “real hair.”

Wigs are not created equal! This is a beautiful example of the ease ability of wig wearing Presenting authenticity in “This is MY hair.”







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