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Selecting the right size wig is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable wig-wearing experience. Wearing an ill-fitting wig can result in several problems, such as discomfort, slippage, or even damage to your wig. As such, it's important to determine your correct wig size before making a purchase.

Petite wigs are designed for people with smaller head sizes. They have a smaller cap size, usually between 20.5 and 21.5 inches . However, not all manufactures follow the same measurements.

Step 1: Record Your Circumference

Using a fabric measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head. Start at the front hairline, then wrap the tape around the back of your head, just above your neck's hairline. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight.

 Step 2: Record Your Ear-to-Ear Measurement

Starting at the front hairline, measure 7” back to establish the top of head point. from the top of head point, position your measuring tape horizontally and measure the distance from ear to ear. The measuring tape should extend to just in front of your ears on both sides.

Step 3: Record Your Front to Back Measurement

Starting at the front hairline, take your measuring tape over the middle of the head and down all the way to your nape.

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